As is all too apparent, computer equipment seems to become "obsolete" almost before you finish unpacking it. This can lead to the highly expensive pursuit of "technological catch-up". Replacing your computer every year or two can be an extremely expensive and rather futile activity. By upgrading you can maintain the performance of your computer at a fraction of the cost of replacement. At Webspinner computer services you can get the best advice on what is the most cost effective way to upgrade and maintain your computer equipment?

Let's face it, the components which become outdated quickly are items such as memory, processor and disk drives. Your keyboard, monitor and case have a much longer useful lifespan, so why replace them if you only need a faster processor, or more memory to run that piece of software or game you received for Christmas or birthday?

Advice on the most effective upgrade route for you is freely available. So whether you simply require more RAM or a complete rebuild, call;


Webspinner Computer Services
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Other services include:

  • Computer upgrades and repair
  • Virus cleaning and prevention
  • Computer and P.C. hardware sales
  • Routine maintenance contracts
  • Basic computer training
  • Website design and management
  • Home Network Installation and maintenance.
  • Install disaster prevention **
  • Data recovery

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Appraisal and first hour of service For as little as only $53.00 How do we do it?
Webspinner Computer Service is run from my home. We have all the tools, equipment and training that any other computer repair facility may have, the only difference is that we don't pay thousands of dollars in lease payments. We pass these savings along to you.

We place the responsibility of safeguarding your data with you, and that is why we recommend that you always backup your data before and after any service call. If data is lost or unrecoverable for any reason, we cannot take responsibility for it.

Disaster Recovery is a combination of training, software installation, hardware installation and repair.
When properly used, this system will make your computer safe from every type of hazard.
You could physically destroy your hard drive and still be back in operation with a new hard drive and a completely restored system in a matter of hours.

Depending on your maintenance schedule, your data loss can be close to zero!Home Page


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