Common laptop failures that we can repair for you.

Motherboard Power Jack (power connector) failure symptoms:
- You have to wiggle the power cable in order to catch the connection
- Your Laptop / Notebook battery doesn't charge anymore
- When you plug your power cable in laptop the connection feels loose
- You can hear 'popping' and 'scratching' noises from the back of your laptop

Repair starts from $59 - includes parts and service. Average turaround time is 4-5 days.


Water / Liquid Damaged Laptops / Notebooks:
Spilled a cup of sweet tea or a glass of wine or, maybe, a full big glass of orange juce? We've seen it all before and yes — we've fixed it.

Repair starts from $159 - Average turaround time is 2 weeks.


Laptop / notebook LCD screen / display problems:
Laptop LCD backlight failure symptoms:
- Dim or dark laptop LCD
- Flickering laptop screen
- Faint image on LCD
- Red or dark laptop LCD

- White Laptop LCD
- Moving, shaky or hazy picture
- Stripes On Laptop LCD
- Shaky or Hazy Picture On LCD

- Broken LCD or cracked laptop display
- Spider crack breakage
- Lines on screen faded display
- Decolorization of LCD
- Banded or stripped laptop screen

Repair starts from $129 - Average turaround time is 2 weeks.


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