How to buy a new computer if you’re not a computer geek

Buying a new computer is no small task. Making the right choice requires more than just knowing how fast a CPU you need or how big a hard drive you want. The most important thing for the non-geek – those that don’t speak techno-babble, is to know what NOT to get.

Simply put, don’t get the extra’s. The salesmen will make it very hard for you to leave the store with just a computer. They will try to convince you that it’s foolish to not buy the extended warranty or the added security programs, or the additional software setup, backup, clean up – whatever they tell you, don’t buy it.  Plan ahead to say no, and you will easily save $200.00

Most people buy a PC to browse the Web, to check and send e-mail, and to edit the occasional Word document or spreadsheet.  Today, even the least-expensive, lowest-of-the-low-end system can perform any of those jobs admirably--and do it for well under $700.  If you're into camcorders, editing digital video or the latest computer game, you'll need to set your sights a little higher. Look beyond the basics for systems starting in the $1000 to $1500 range. Devoted gamers won't balk at spending more than $2000 on a computer to ensure that they enjoy maximum performance.

OK step one, choose your price limit. Today you can pick up cheap PC for $500 a mid-range for $700 and Hi performance PC for $900 & up. (not including the monitor)

Step two, choose your level of quality. Today a cheap computer will last about three – four years and a quality brand should last five to six years. Cheaper brands are usually 1-2 hundred dollars less, but this savings is lost in the extra time and added effort needed for more frequent trips to the store for repairs and replacement.

The good quality brands are Dell and HP, the cheaper ones are everyone else (Acer, eMachine, Gateway, custom built, etc. )

Step three – check the packing tape! Often stores will try to give you a box that has already been opened. The only way to know for sure that no one has tampered with the computer, is to carefully check the packing tape.

Price and brand, that’s all that matters, don’t even try to understand and compare all the specs, that would only leave you confused and at the mercy of a clever salesman.

If you really want a good warranty, the only place to go is Costco they still off a free 2 year warranty. If you like to shop on line and want free shipping, then you should check out and

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