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Are you doing everything you can to keep your family safe?

It is estimated that 90% of all computers on the Internet are infected with spyware and/or pornography. Some telltale signs of spyware infection are:

• Your computer slows to a crawl.
• Advertisements pop up even when you are offline.
• A program automatically scans your computer and reports 100’s of viruses have infected your computer.
• You click on a link to go to one site, but your browser ends up at another site.
• When you enter a search item, a new and unexpected site handles the search.
• Your bookmarks change on their own.
• You click your Home button but it takes you to a new site, and when you switch the setting back, the new site appears again anyway.

These and other symptoms indicate that your system has been infected, and one of the most common causes of this infection is a visit to a porno site. While it’s often accidental at first, it’s never the last. Curiosity is an overwhelming force, no one is immune from it.

90% of all computers on the Internet are infected - that means you! People are always surprised when they discover porno on their home computers. I have been in the computer business a long time, and it’s my experience that EVERY computer has at least some pornography or otherwise offensive material on it.

Perhaps you keep your computer in a public area, like the kitchen or living room. Perhaps you have only girls at home, or maybe your kids are too young to get into this type of website. The sad truth is, pornography is being accessed by the young and the old, by boys and girls, in private and in public, day and night. It is being accessed by the addicted and by the innocent. It’s free and very easy to access, often being pushed on us via email, You Tube, jokes, chat programs like Microsoft Messenger , advertising on your home page (MSN), or even while playing a free game..

Did you know...
• Pornography is a $57 billion a year industry. In comparison, the combined revenues of all teams in the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL is $12 billion, and the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC is a mere $6.2 billion.
• 1 in 4 youth have unwanted exposure to inappropriate pictures each year (Source: The Internet Keep Safe Coalition)
9 of 10 kids aged 8-16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, often in the process of doing homework. (Source: London School of Economics January 2002)
• "Cyber-sex is the crack cocaine of sexual addiction", Jennifer P. Schneider, M.D., PhD (Source: The New "Elephant in the Living Room" Effects of Compulsive Cybersex Behaviors on the Spouse, from the book Sex and the Internet, 2002)
• "Cyber-sex reinforces and normalizes sexual disorders" (Source: Robert Weiss, Sexual Recovery Institute)
One in five children ages 10-17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Internet (Source: Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation's Youth, sponsored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. See also UNH Study Finds Many Youth Exposed to Sexual Solicitation, Pornography and Harassment on Internet, 19 March, 2001.)

If you are concerned about your home computers, give us a call and we can help remove the unwanted programs.
We can also install a free and easy filter that can block 100% of the offensive material.

If you would like to install the filter on your own, please visit

Please contact me with any questions, or to set up an appointment to protect your computer and your family.

George Rettich, Owner of Webspinner Computer Service. 604-318-1035

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